25 iOS App Performance Tips & Tricks



These are tips that you’ll always want to implement in any app you develop.
  1. Use ARC to Manage Memory 
  2. Use a reuseIdentifier Where Appropriate 
  3. Set Views as Opaque When Possible 
  4. Avoid Fat XIBs
  5. Don’t Block the Main Thread 
  6. Size Images to Image Views 
  7. Choose the Correct Collection 
  8. Enable GZIP Compression 
These are tips you should use when you run into slightly more complicated issues.
  1. Reuse and Lazy Load Views
  2. Cache, Cache, Cache 
  3. Consider Drawing
  4. Handle Memory Warnings 
  5. Reuse Expensive Objects 
  6. Use Sprite Sheets 做遊戲的話一定要知道
  7. Avoid Re-Processing Data 
  8. Choose the Right Data Format 
  9. Set Background Images Appropriately
  10. Reduce Your Web Footprint 
  11. Set the Shadow Path
  12. Optimize Your Table Views 
  13. Choose Correct Data Storage Option
These are tips you should use only when you’re positive they’ll fix the issue, and you feel comfortable using them.
  1. Speed up Launch Time
  2. Use Autorelease Pool  
  3. Cache Images – Or Not 
  4. Avoid Date Formatters Where Possible